The Secret World

The Secret World is Funcom‘s new MMORPG set in a modern-day world, blending elements of mythological and modern-day civilizations, along with a mix of dark fantasy and the supernatural.

One of the most important aspect of the game is that there are no character classes and no levels. Players have the freedom to develop their characters the way they want by acquiring any of the game’s over five hundred unique abilities. These abilities can be arranged to create unique character builds that are suited to cope with specific situations. Players are no longer stuck to a single role such as healer or tank, they can simply adopt to the dangers they have to face by rearranging their slotted active and passive abilities.

Players can join one of three Secret Societies in The Secret World. In PvE, they can play cooperatively with members of other factions, whereas in PvP members of different factions become inveterate enemies:

The Dragon are the most secretive of the societies, believing that the natural chaos of life, collapse and rebuilding is the only path to harmony.

The Illuminati are constantly pushing for a New World Order. Their agents work hard, play hard and fight dirty.

The Templars are known as the lions of The Secret World, standing at the forefront of the war against darkness.

For more info on the game check the official website.

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