Spiked log wall, I hate thee!

Dear fellow Xsyon architects,

We all know that spiked log walls are quite demanding when it comes to resources. This makes the following story all the more annoying:

Yesterday we decided to do some more terraforming in our little homestead area to create some additional resource storage space. To get things how we wanted them to be, a stone corner post had to dismantled in the process. Our intention was to rebuild said corner post after the terraforming part was done. However, to our astonishment, it wouldn’t fit in its original position any longer after rebuilding it. It just wouldn’t connect to the spiked log wall we had built earlier.

I as our chief architect decided to remove one of the spiked log walls to test if it was just that particular wall piece causing the problem. Boom, 10 long logs and 40 nails went poof in a second only to find out that the problem persisted with the following spiked log wall. No matter what we tried to connect to the spiked log wall,  there always remained a gap of one click in building movement mode. I even dismantled and rebuilt a sheet metal wall to check if a similar problem would arise but as a matter of fact, the rebuilt sheet metal wall could be moved to its original position just fine. I know there are more important things to fix but I really hope that Jordi will have time to fix this issue some time…

The screenshot below illustrates how we had to “solve” the problem in the end:

Consider this a fair warning to all Xsyon architects out there:

Don’t dismantle anything that is already connected to any built spiked log wall if you do not plan to screw up your plans for your camp because things just won’t fit any more!

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