Hurtworld Linux Server

I finally got a dedicated Hurtworld server to run on Debian Jessie: 1. Create a new user named “hwserver” and login: adduser hwserver su hwserver 2. Grab the install script I created: wget 3. Unpack the script and make it executable: tarĀ -xvzf hurtworldserver.tar.gz chmod +x ./ 4. If your… Continue reading

Starbound – key remapping for lefties

As there’s currently no option to remap the keys in the game, the following Autohotkey script should do the trick for lefties: Up::w Down::s Left::a Right::d Numpad0::e RCtrl::Space Delete::i End::c NumpadDot::0 Numpad1::1 Numpad2::2 Numpad3::3 Numpad4::4 Numpad5::5 Numpad6::6 Numpad7::7 Numpad8::8 Numpad9::9

Single target DPS build (AR/Elemental)

WEAPONS: Elemental/Assault Rifle (725 AP) ACTIVES 1. Shock (Elemental->Spark, 1 AP) 2. Blaze (Elemental->Zero Crossing, 27 AP) 3. Three Round Burst (Assault Rifle->Take Point, 9 AP) 4. Red Mist (Elite, Assault Rifle->Take Point, 50 AP) 5. Flicker (Elemental->Altered States, 21 AP) 6. Anima Charge (Elemental->React, 2 AP) 7. Confuse (Green->Subversion,… Continue reading

Spiked log wall, I hate thee!

Dear fellow Xsyon architects, We all know that spiked log walls are quite demanding when it comes to resources. This makes the following story all the more annoying: Yesterday we decided to do some more terraforming in our little homestead area to create some additional resource storage space. To get… Continue reading