Single target DPS build (AR/Elemental)

WEAPONS: Elemental/Assault Rifle (725 AP)

1. Shock (Elemental->Spark, 1 AP)
2. Blaze (Elemental->Zero Crossing, 27 AP)
3. Three Round Burst (Assault Rifle->Take Point, 9 AP)
4. Red Mist (Elite, Assault Rifle->Take Point, 50 AP)
5. Flicker (Elemental->Altered States, 21 AP)
6. Anima Charge (Elemental->React, 2 AP)
7. Confuse (Green->Subversion, 9 AP)

1. Volatile Current (Elemental->Spark, 1 AP)
2. Elemental Precision (Elemental->Spark, 4 AP)
3. Aidelon (Elemental->Zero Crossing, 34 AP)
4. Brawler (Hammer->Grit, 1 AP)
5. Highly Strung (Elemental->Altered States, 27 AP)
6. Twist the Knife (Blade->Wind through Grass, 12 AP)
7. Seal the Deal (Elite, Pistols->Crossfire, 50 AP)


Single target DPS build (AR/Pistol)

This build requires a decent penetration rating to get things going. Actives 5 and 6 are optional and could be replaced with something else. I highly recommend keeping these getaway skills for PvP though. They can also be used to get out of harmful ground effects and to avoid exploding mobs in dungeons (if your dodge is on cooldown). If you plan on using this build in dungeons, you might want to squeeze in a detaunt to be on the safe side. Continue reading